1.5 tons mini goods lift project


Mini goods lift is suitable for small installation space. Last week, one of our Philippines customers installed his small goods lift well. Originally, there was a lift hoist in the shaft, but this kind of lifting device waste time and energy, working efficiency is too low. So our customer replace it by our hydraulic goods lift elevator.

The shaft well space is very narrow, our customer did exact measurement for each side of the shaft. Then we designed the most suitable size of the mezzanine floor goods lift.

Its main parameters as below.

  1. Lifting height: 4650mm
  2. Platform size: 1200*2000mm
  3. Load capacity: 1500kgs

Usually according to above parameters, warehouse goods lift needs to be double mast type with two hydraulic cylinders. However, as the installation space is too limited, if goods elevator is with two guide rails, the usable platform will be too small. So our engineer designed it to be single mast goods lift, which make the platform size to be maximum.

mini goods lift
mini goods lift

In addition, this mini goods lift has below safety configurations and devices.

  • Emergency Stop

Both floor panels are with emergency stops. When there is a emergency situation, we can stop the lift immediately by this button. However, if we want to let wall mounted goods lift start running, all emergency stop buttons have to be opened.

  • Two control panels

This mini goods lift elevator total has two stops, so apart from the control buttons on protective box of pump station, we also made two digital control panels. One is for basement floor, another is for first floor. Wherever the customer wants to control the machine, it is no problem, so convenient.

  • Overload warning device

We installed overload warning device for this pallet goods lift. The rated load for this goods lift is 1500kgs. If the goods’ weight workers load into platform more than 1500kgs, the device will raise alarm and lift will not work. This is a very good safety device.

  • Safety upper limited switch

Every industrial goods lift elevator has double safety limit switch. Once the limited switch at second floor does not work suddenly, this upper limit switch will come into play. This design can avoid some unnecessary injuries and accidents.

In addition, as you know, the shipping cost keeps raising recent two years. So we designed the platform cage to be detachable. Guard rails and platform can be detachable completely, which can effectively reduce the packaging volume and save much shipping cost for customer

Saving installation space and easy installation is main advantages of mini goods lift. So if you are also looking for a small goods lift elevator, just send us your requirements, then our engineer will do professional design for you. MOSTAR keeps pursuing to make good products and offer good service to all customers. We will offer the best lifting solution to every customer and every project.

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