vertical platform lift

vertical platform lift

Vertical platform lift is a professional machine to help handicapped or elder to get to higher floor directly. Usually the vertical wheelchair platform lift is open design, there are two platform doors with interlock switch. Otherwise, the platform will have automatic ramp. Another platform lift for home is small lift elevator type, its platform is close design. Both design, user can control the lift inside of platform. There are up, down, E-stop and lock key on control panel. In addition, vertical platform lift will have floor controllers, each floor has one control column, which is very easy and convenient to operate.

Customer Feedback On Vertical Platform Lift

Yes, we received handicap vertical platform lifts and are in the process of moving it into position although may not be completed until after christmas week.

Lift looks great and can’t wait to put it to use.

When installation is finished will take photos and send to you.

Elaine ¦ From Australia


I just want to say thank you very much and your company is the best.

You did one very good job with the hydraulic vertical platform lift.

We will definitely be in touch if there are any future requirements. Also pls do not hesitate to contact us if you require a reference for your work here. I hope one day i can sell some for you.

Christian ¦ From America

Christian 1

Thank you for being so helpful in providing product responses to all my inquiries.

Your vertical platform lift look good and your customer service has been excellent!

Thank you for your time. And Cheers to you and your company!

Daniel ¦ From France

Daniel 1

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