wheelchair platform lift
wheelchair platform lift

wheelchair platform lift

Hydraulic System

Automatic/Fixed Ramp

Safety Trip Bar

Emergency Stop

Free Pit Installation

Lifting height:3m
Platform size:1.43*1m
Load capacity:250kg

Wheelchair platform lift is customized on the lifting height and platform size according to different customers’ installation site. Usually our standard platform size is 1.43*1 meters, however if there is any limitation or special requirements, we will redesign it for you. Further more, for the platform access direction, there are single type, 90 degree type and 180 degree type for choice. Just please choose the suitable model according to your specific installation condition. If there is no suitable, just send us your specific requirements, let us customize it for you.

Some Vertical Wheelchair Platform Lift Models

ModelLift HeightLoad CapacityPlatform Size

Customized According to Installation Site


Handicap Wheelchair Platform Lifts For Home Application

Handicap vertical platform lifts for home can be installed indoor and outdoor, its control panel and other parts are rainproof, so just choose the place you need to install. Vertical handicap lift platform is mainly worked for elders, handicapped and wheelchair users, users can control the lift in platform and at different floors to up, down and stop. Easy understanding and operating.

No barrier in your way, take you higher directly.

Safety Device For Indoor & Outdoor Vertical Platform Lift

Non-Slip Patterned Platform

English Operation Instruction On Platform

Double Safety Limit Switch

PLC Control

Fall Prevention Device

Safety Grab Bar

Manual Lowering Valve

Landing Door

Interlocking Device

Voltage Protector

Emergency Stop

Safety Trip Bar

Anti Explosive Valve

Safety Label

Remote Controller

Customer Feedback On wheelchair vertical platform lift

Thank you for being so helpful in providing product responses to all my inquiries.
Your vertical chair lift for home look good and your customer service has been excellent!
Thank you for your time.

Daniel ¦ From France

Daniel 2

Yes, we received handicap vertical wheelchair platform lifts and are in the process of moving it into position although may not be completed until after christmas week.

Lift looks great and can’t wait to put it to use.When installation is finished will take photos and send to you.

Elaine ¦ From Australia

Elaine 1

I just want to say thank you very much and your company is the best.
You did one very good job with the hydraulic vertical platform lift.
We will definitely be in touch if there are any future requirements. Also pls do not hesitate to contact us if you require a reference for your work here. I hope one day i can sell some for you.

Christian ¦ From America

Christian 2

Outdoor Vertical Wheelchair Platform Lift Video

Mostar Excellent Service For Residential Vertical Handicap Lift

Timely Response To Customer Requirements

Installation&Maintenance Manual

Supervise Every Production Detail

Acceptance By Professional Team

Professional Export Packaging

Strictly Control The Quality

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