cargo lifts

Cargo Lifts

Cargo lifts is the professional machine for transporting goods between different floors, a very good helper in warehouse daily work. It also is named cargo elevator. We customize it according to customers’ requirements, such as travelling height, platform size and load capacity. In addition, we can also do recommendation, which will be on the basis of installation site and specific usage. Further more, we will offer 3D drawing for every cargo lift elevator, which can help to ensure every detail of hydraulic outdoor and indoor cargo lifts is exact.

According to different parameters and usage, we have four freight lift elevator designs for choice, single guide rail model, double guide rails model and steel mesh enclosed model. Different models have their own conspicuous features, and please know more information from their corresponding page. No matter which model, we will offer installation and operation manual, customer can complete the installation work and know how to operate warehouse cargo lifts easily.

Welcome to choose one from below, let them help you to improve work efficiency and save labor cost.

Customer Feedback On CARGO LiftS


I would like to thank you for all your help on the project of mezzanine goods lift and it has been a pleasure working with you and your company. You were very professional right thru the process and i wish to commend you for it!

The lift is truly amazing.

And if any customer wants to call me, that’s fine too.

Jerome ¦ From France


You did one very good job with the outdoor cargo lifts. We finish the installation according to your instruction manual easily.

We will definitely be in touch if there are any future requirements on freight elevator.

Also pleases do not hesitate to contact us if you require a reference for your work here. I hope one day i can sell some for you.

Warren  ¦ From America


Yesterday we finished the Project of indoor cargo elevator lifts and finished the welding and electric.

The lift works great. We are very Happy.

Thank you very much.

Alice ¦ From Phillips


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