scissor lift hydraulic

scissor lift HYDRAULIC

Scissor lift hydraulic is another completely customized hydraulic lift platform for lifting cargo or cars. We will design the machine according to customers’ requirements on lifting height, platform size and load capacity. For most of models, we need to install them into a pit. When hydraulic scissor lift platform close completely, it will be on the same level surface as ground. Another model calls scissor dock lift, its self height is only 150 mm or 200 mm, customer can fix it on the ground floor without pit. We will recommend suitable type according to specific different usage and parameters. You can please view detailed introduction in below models.

We will offer CAD & 3D drawing for every stationary hydraulic scissor cargo lift table after getting customers requirements, which can ensure all details to be exact before production. Further more, we will also offer detailed pit drawing, installation instruction and operating instruction after delivery.

Welcome to contact us with your needs, we can send the best solution to you within 12 hours.

Customer Feedback On scissor lift hydraulic

Scissor dock lift platform looks great and can’t wait to put it to use.

When installation is finished will take photos and send to you. It works great thanks.

And we managed to put the main pump unit on the top level and simply extended the hydraulic hose.

Steven ¦ From Netherlands


Scissor lift hydraulic platform is so nice, it works great thanks.

and we managed to put the main pump unit on the top level and simply extended the hydraulic hose.

George ¦ From America


Thank you for being so helpful in providing prompt responses to all my inquiries. Your scissor cargo lift table look good and your customer service has been excellent! We will definitely be in touch if there are any future requirements on your car lift platform. Thank you for your time.

I would like to thank you for all your help and it has been a pleasure working with your and your company.

Thilanka ¦ From Sri Lanka


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