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MOSTAR LIFT keeps pursuing to make good products and offer good service to all customers. In the last few decades, engineers and production team kept to improve their technology and details design, now our lift platforms have very good performance and long enough service life. In addition, we updated our production equipments and manufacturing lines. We introduced more automation equipment, such as shot blasting machine and electrostatic spray device.

Mostar has exported to more than 160 countries. Customers speak highly of us, they also will introduce us to their friends or demanders. We very welcome more and more customers and agents join us to do good cooperation.


MOSTAR LIFT has more than 1800 projects experience, including goods lift, scissor lift, small home lift, loading ramp, boom lift and so on. Here are some project cases for your reference. Customers all speak highly of our service and products.

mostar lift

Small Goods Lift In Germany

Mr. Phillips ordered the small goods lift for his warehouse. It is used for lifting tires, the lift Greatly save manpower and improve efficiency.

Scissor Lift Platform In Canada

This heavy duty scissor lift platform was installed in Canada last year, which load capacity is 10 tons. It is used for transporting very large cargoes. The scissor lift platform runs very well, customer very like it.

2. scissor lift platform
3. mobile scissor lift

Mobile Scissor Lift In UAE

Our customer Mr. Robert ordered one mobile scissor lift to help him do installation and maintenance work. Mr. Robert very like it, as this scissor lift can be driven like a car.

Container Ramps In Philippines

Ms. Chris owns a logistics company, our container ramps are used for her daily loading&unloading work. Her friend also orders two units last month.

4. container ramp

What We Do For Your Order

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Customer Check & Shipping

Customer Feedback

mobile scissor lift 3

Yesterday we finished the Project and finished the welding and electric.

The mobile scissor lift works great. We are very Happy.

Thank you very much.

Phillips ¦ Mobile Scissor Lift

vertical lift for home 1

Yes, we received the home lift and are in the process of moving it into position although may not be completed until after christmas week.

Lift looks great and can’t wait to put it to use.

When installation is finished will take photos and send to you.

William ¦ Small Home Lift

2 3
scissor lift platform 1

I just want to say thank you very much and your company is the best.

You did one very good job with the stationary scissor lift platform.

We will definitely be in touch if there are any future requirements. Also pls do not hesitate to contact us if you require a reference for your work here. I hope one day i can sell some for you.

Alan ¦ Scissor Lift Platform

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