Customer Check And Shipping

What do you care about most after you pay at overseas? Mostar consider what you concern and offer the best service to address your concern. No matter customized model such as freight elevator, industrial scissor lift, or standard model mobile scissor lift platform, trailer boom lift, and vertical platform lift for home. We will offer below information to every customer before shipping each lift platform.

  1. Send Product Pictures

We will take pictures from different views and send them to customers for checking before shipment. No matter machine or detail photos, they are clear for customers checking. 

  • Take Product Videos

After product is finished well, we will take videos about your machine running, such as lifting up and down, no-load and load goods running. You can see its working performance in advance.

customer check and shipping

After everything is ok, we will take every possible precaution to ensure that the products reach the customer in perfect condition.

a. Good Package

No matter which kind of lift platform, it will be packed by pearl wool and stretch film firstly, then we will put it into one plywood case.

b. Loading Reinforcement

After the product is loaded into container, we will do special reinforcement to ensure the product doesn’t move when transporting and on the sea.

So customer check and shipping is an indispensable step in all of orders.

customer check and shipping

No matter what we do, we aim to deliver the cargo in good condition.

And our customers will be happy when they receive their machine.