Hydraulic Goods Lift In Germany


Hydraulic goods lift is a very good helper when do transporting between different floors. No matter what kind of goods you need to lift, we can customize the load capacity and platform size for you. In addition, we also have the professional model to lift cars. Many customers will install industrial goods lift in their warehouse and buildings, which can help them save much labor and greatly improve work efficiency.

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hydraulic goods lift

Customer feedback on hydraulic goods lift

Mr. Phillips gave us the feedback on our warehouse mezzanine goods lift, he finished the installation easily according to our manuals. He uses this lift to transport filters from ground floor to first floor. Lifting height is 3.6 meters, load capacity is 500 kg, platform size is 1500*1500 mm. Further more, he operates the goods lift elevator very well follow up our operation manual, very happy with its performance. Below is the feedback email sent from Mr. Phillips for your reference.

“Thank you for being so helpful in providing product responses to all my inquiries.

Your products look good and your customer service has been excellent!

Thank you for your time.”

—-Mr. Phillips

If you are also looking for one goods lift, just email us freely!

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