Comprehensive Testing Before Shipment

Every product has to be tested by our quality control personnel before shipment from Mostar factory. It includes appearance, frame structure, electric system, running and all functions testing. Whether it is standard model such as mobile scissor lift platform, vertical platform lift, or customized model such as goods lift, hydraulic cargo lift elevator and stationary scissor lift platform, we will do comprehensive test before shipment.

  1. Machine Appearance

Usually it is unnecessary to make some scratches when we assemble lift platform. So we will check their and repair the appearance, especially the painting.

  • Frame structure

We will check all parts especially the joints, their stability is the most important.

  • Electric system

a. Check the tightness of wiring terminals

b. Check the labels of electric circuit.

c. Clean the parts of electric system before shipment.

d. Ensure the voltage to comply with customer local voltage.

  • Machine running and function testing

Lift platform will run again and again before shipment, and our engineer will test all function one by one. We also will do no-load and load testing.

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If there is any point is not qualified in above aspects, quality control personnel will not sign on the quality inspection sheet, then the product can not be shipped out from our factory. So if you have any requires on lift platform, just contact us.