Mostar Important Steps Of Manufacturing

1. Choose Good Raw Material

All of us like the products with good quality. Good quality should be made step by step, such as perfect design, good material, good manufacturing technology, long service life and high performance.

Raw Material 1

Good material is a very important step after design for manufacturing product. Mostar has specialized and professional persons, who are responsible for choosing superior material supplier and raw material. For different lift platform, the raw material of most important is different. 

1. Cargo elevator

The material of cargo elevator guide rail is the most important. Platform will go up and down along the guide rails.

2. Hydraulic scissor lift platform

The rectangular tube for scissor lift structure is very important, which will influence the stability when lifting up and down.

3. Loading dock ramps

Ramp body material is one of the important factors, which will influence loading capacity and loading performance. 

Of course, apart from above mentioned core material, we will not slight other material quality. Further more, 

We will pay attention to every detail for one product, perfect and safe goods is what Mostar seek.

2. High Standard Manufacturing

Advanced equipment and expert worker are key factors for product manufacturing. Mostar own these two important conditions when manufacturing goods lift, cargo lift elevator, scissor lift platform, vertical platform lift, trailer boom lift and all of other lift platforms.


Our expert workers will process raw material and make parts by advanced equipment. Such as bending machine for precision bending, shot blasting machine for rust removal and electrostatic spray device for paint spraying.


At last, we will enter the assembly process. This step is very important for running stability and precision, so we will leave the task to the workers who have the assembling experience more than 5 years.

After we finish above three steps, the lift platform is manufactured well, next quality inspector will do testing and debugging.