Choose One Forklift Container Ramp


Mostar forklift container ramp offer different convenience to you to do loading and unloading work. For example, when we need to load & unload cargo between container and ground, small container ramps is the most popular choice. You can choose suitable load capacity according to your daily work from 8 tons to 15 tons. Further more, there are two type for choice. One is folding type, another is unfolding type.

No amtter which type, two safety connecting chains, two handles, two forklift hole are standard design.

forklift container ramp 1
shipping container ramp

Customer feedback on forklift container ramp

Mr. Chris ordered two units forklift container ramp for forklift of 10 tons. When he received the container ramps, he is very satisfied with them and put into using immediately. His friends saw our shipping container ramp in Ms. Chris’s factory, also ordered two units of 12 tons loading capacity. Blow is the actual feedback from Mr. Chris.

“The container ramps are here in our warehouse, is excellent thank you very much.

And my friend Roger will contact you with his needs.”

—-Ms. Chris

If you are also looking for one assistant for your daily work, welcome to contact us. Mostar ensure to offer the best product and excellent service to you.

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