1 ton Mezzanine lift with enclosure for goods


1 unit mezzanine lift was finished for one of our regular customer. This mezzanine goods lift was installed at their new factory. It is mainly used for lifting cargoes between 3 different floors. In addition, our customer customized the color steel tile enclosure and cabin with the lift. Below are main introduction for this mezzanine floor lift.

Now let us see the main parameters of mezzanine lift.

  1. Lifting height: 6000mm
  2. Cabin dimension: 1500*1600*2500mm
  3. Load capacity: 1000kg
mezzanine lift
mezzanine lift

Below are main features for this customized mezzanine floor goods lift.

  • The biggest feature for this project is the enclosure.

Usually there are two materials for choice on the lift enclosure. One kind of material is steel mesh enclosure, which are the choice for most customers. The main feature for steel mesh enclosure is see-through, we can see the situation of the lift in running. Another material is color steel tile enclosure, which also is very popular. Its main feature is fully enclosed from the ground to the top. So customers can make the choice according to specific needs.

  • There is a cabin without doors, however with infrared red beams at entrance and exit.

This customer would like not to make the doors with the cabin for better loading and unloading. So we added infrared red beams at entrance and exit of cabin. The lift will not run when infrared detects an object passing, which can ensure the using safety.

In addition, there are lights at the top of cabin. When we press the operating buttons, lights will turn on automatically, very convenient.

  • There are bumper blocks at the sides of cabin.

As this is a mezzanine lift for lifting cargoes, and sometimes pallets will go into the cabin, so in case pallet hit the car, we added two bumper blocks at each side of the car.

  • There are perspective windows at the enclosure doors.

For better knowing the inner situation of the mezzanine lift, customer customized the perspective window for each panel of enclosure door.

  • Every enclosure door has electromagnetic lock and electric plug lock.

No matter there is power or no power on the mezzanine lift system. We can not open the door optionally. Only when the lift car is at the floor, we can open this lading door, other doors can not be opened. And although there is no power on the lift, all doors also can not be opened. Except in exceptional circumstances, manually unlock the lock. These ensure the safety well.

Further more, our customer finished the installation easily according to our installation manual and drawing. We will do very detailed instruction manual according to actual lift photos. And our engineer will make steel frame installation drawing enclosure installation drawing. We will mark clear labels on all lift parts. So no mater your team has experience on installation or without any experience, both can finish the installation very well. Now the lift is running very well, customer is very happy with its performance.

If you are also looking for one mezzanine lift, just send message to us. Mostar lift will offer you the most suitable solution.

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