10 tons container loading ramp for sale


Small container loading ramp is a product to be used for container loading and unloading. Customers usually will use them in their warehouse, logistics terminal, or factory. When containers need to be put on the ground to do loading and unloading, there are a small height difference between the ground and container platform. Now the small container ramp is the best choice to solve the problem.

There are two types small container loading ramp for choice, one is non-folding type, second is folding type. No matter which type is very popular. Its dimension is designed according to normal container. Its standard platform size is 2100*1500mm, its height is 165mm. Its load capacity is from 8 tons to 15 tons. However, the most popular model is MLR-10, that is 10 tons load capacity.

Below is standard non-folding type. We just need to connect its loading lip on the container platform. And there are two connecting chains. We connect the chains with the container steel holes, the ramp will not move when do loading and unloading, which can ensure the safety. In addition, there are two forklift holes, so it is very easy and container to move.

container loading ramp
container loading ramp

Further more, there are a special model in non-folding type. Like below picture shows. There are slideways on the platform. No matter when we open or close the container door, no need to move the ramp. Thar is why this model is popular. So if you are also interested in it, just contact us freely.

portable container ramp

Below is folding type. When the ramp is not used, we can fold it up, which save storage space. This type also has connecting chains and forklift holes. This type also is very popular.

container loading ramp for sale

So if your daily work needs to do much loading and unloading, welcome to choose one type container loading ramp to help you improve work efficiency.

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