10 tons heavy duty hydraulic lift for new warehouse


Heavy duty hydraulic lift is a kind of scissor lift platform. Usually its load capacity is very large, such as 8 ton, 10 tons and 15 tons. Recently, one of our regular customers customized one heavy duty hydraulic lift for his warehouse. A big pit has been built well at the installation site, so we designed the most suitable lift size accordingly.

10 tons heavy duty hydraulic lift

  1. Lifting height: 3600mm
  2. Platform size: 2700*6500mm
  3. Load capacity: 10 tons

For this heavy duty platform lift, there are total 3 stops. First stop is at basement floor, second stop is at 3100mm height floor, third stop is at 3600mm height floor. So we offered 3 digital panels, customer can installed them at each floor, which is very convenient to control the scissor lift platform.

heavy duty hydraulic lift

We made its guard rails to be detachable, then we can take them down before package and shipment, which can save much shipping space. And it is more convenient for customer to transport it into installation site. In addition, as the platform width of 2700mm is wider than container width of 2200mm, so we designed the platform to be detachable, such as below pictures show. When customer receive the heavy duty scissor lift platform, they just need to connect the platform by bolts and do point welding. We did very clear marks at every joint. Further more, we made very detailed installation instruction manual, so customer can finish the installation easily and conveniently.

In terms of security measures, both platform doors are with interlocking devices, that means only two doors are closed well, the heavy duty hydraulic lift will run. And when the scissor elevator platform is in running, if someone open any one of platform door, scissor lift will stop running immediately. This is a very important safety measure. Further more, we made safety trip bar under the platform. Hydraulic scissor lift elevator will stop immediately once the safety trip bar touches any items in the process of decline. This will avoid any unnecessary harm.

In addition, we will add overloading device for our every scissor lift platform. As some customers can not sure exact weight of the goods in the process of loading, so overloading device is another very important safety device. Once the weight of loading goods exceeds the rated load, heavy duty hydraulic lift platform will not work to protect its hydraulic and electric system. This avoid to damage the scissor lift.

Our this customer is very satisfied with this heavy duty hydraulic lift performance. He ordered another scissor lift platform after he installed the 10 tons lift platform. So if you are also looking forward to hydraulic scissor lift platform to load your heavy goods, please send contact us freely. MOSTAR LIFT will make the most suitable solution to you. We expect to cooperate with you.

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