11m mobile hydraulic scissor lift in Philippines


Mobile hydraulic scissor lift is a popular product for doing aerial work. There are different models in hydraulic scissor lift, however, the model which can be driven like a car is the most popular. Recently, one of our Philippines customers order one unit. They used this mobile platform lift at their building to do maintenance work. When customer’s team received the scissor lift, they were very happy and would like to operate it. All of them like it very much and very satisfied with its performance.

Below are main parameters about this mobile hydraulic scissor lift.

  1. Max. platform height: 11 meters
  2. Platform height: 2150*1140mm
  3. Standard load capacity: 500kg
  4. Standard power: DC power (battery power)
mobile hydraulic scissor lift
mobile hydraulic scissor lift

Further more, let us know this mobile platform lift more through below introduction. Below are some standard configurations of this kind of mobile scissor lift platform.

  • Operating panel

We can control the lift conveniently on driving room. There are forward, backward, up, down and emergency stop buttons on the panel. And we can control the moving direction of the mobile platform lift by the steering wheel.

In addition, we can see the electric quantity on the panel, which can remind us to make a charge in time. This small feature can avoid delaying our daily work.

  • Driving room

There are forward and brake pedals in the driving room like a car. When we step on the forward pedals, hydraulic scissor lift platform will go forward. When we step on the brake pedals, the lift platform will stop gradually. The braking system is very sensitive, so it is very safe when we drive it. It is very easy to operate, so all of our customers can operate it easily.

  • Platform control buttons

Apart from control buttons on ground control panel, there is a hand controller at platform, there are up and down buttons. This is convenient to user to operate the mobile platform lift.

  • Safety supporting legs

We have to open four safety supporting legs before going into the platform cage. In addition, there is a gradienter at the bottom of hydraulic scissor lift. We can check the gradienter to know if the machine is in a level condition. If not, we have to make it to be horizontal by adjusting the four legs.

  • Standard battery charger

Every hydraulic scissor lift platform has a standard battery charger. It is very convenient when customer need to do charging.

  • Solid tyres

All of our mobile hydraulic scissor lift platforms use solid tyres instead of pneumatic tyre. Solid tires have the advantages of long service life, wear resistance. And we no need to worry about tire pressure and air leakage. Solid tyres can reduce vehicle maintenance costs and inflate time. This configuration can improve the lift platform performance.

All parts and electric wires will be assembled well in our factory. And our quality department will test every lift platform well before shipment. So customer can use the mobile hydraulic scissor lift platform directly when they receive it, so convenient.

There are also different platform height for your choice. Welcome to contact us to ask a detailed quotation on this mobile hydraulic scissor lift.

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