12m trailer boom lift for sale


Trailer boom lift for sale is another popular man lift platform, apart from mobile scissor lift and electric scissor lift. The biggest advantage for trailer boom lift is that the range of work is wider in aerial. This can improve work efficiency greatly.

There are 10 meters to 22 meters platform height for choice. And it can easily lift the person with the max. capacity 200kg. So this boom lift is a good solution for one person to do aerial work. The power option are AC power, battery power, gasoline power, diesel power, diesel + ac power, gas + ac power, diesel + dc power, gas + dc power, ac + dc power. You can choose the suitable power type according to your actual need.

In addition, the working radius is different according to different platform height. Such as for 10 meters platform height, the working radius is 4.5 meters. For 12 meters and 14 meters, the working radius is 7 meters. For 16 meters and 18 meters, the working radius is 8 meters. So when you choose the boom lift height, also need to pay attention to the working radius. Take it all into consideration, then choose the most suitable model.

Below are some standard configurations for all trailer boom lift for sale

  • Load capacity & Working cage size

The load capacity and working cage size are standard for all trailer boom lifts. Load capacity is 200kg, working cage size is 900x700mm. 360 degree rotation is available for 10 meter to 18 meters platform height.

  • Auto-Leveling Outriggers

Every trailer boom lift has four auto-Leveling Outriggers. Before we go into the working cage, we have to open the four outriggers firstly. The most important is that our outriggers will be auto leveled, which can ensure the using safety when the boom lift raise up.

trailer boom lift for sale
trailer boom lift for sale
  • Horizontal Leveling Detector

Further more, all of our trailer man lift will be with horizontal leveling detector. So after opening the auto-leveling outriggers, we can check the level by this detector. This is double security for user’s safety.

  • Water Proof Controls

All of our electric control parts on trailer boom lift for sale are water proof, so it is very safe to use our trailer mounted lift outdoors.

  • Brake Light&Safety Belt&Working Warning

These three items are basic and standard safety configurations for trailer boom lift for sale. When we brake the trailer boom lift, the brake light will be lighted to prompt rear vehicle to pay attention to safety. And when user go into the working, he should fasten the safety belt firstly. Further more, when the towable boom lift start to work, the warning light and horn also will start to work, which will warn people and vehicles around to avoid by changing the lanes.

Further more, there are some optional configurations for customization. Such as telescopic Upper Beam, AC power on platform or other special requirements.

So if you are looking for a trailer boom lift for sale, welcome to contact us freely at any time. MOSTAR LIFT will offer you the best solution to help you finish aerial work.

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