2 tons warehouse cargo lift installation


Warehouse cargo lift is a very popular hydraulic lift platform for lifting goods between different floors. Last week, we installed one cargo lift elevator for one of our regular customers. Its lifting height is 3000mm, load capacity is 2000kg, platform size is 2000W*1500Dmm. According to the parameters, its suitable design is double guide rails type.

Now let us see the general installation steps.

Ensure the center of installation position

Before installing cargo lift elevator, we should ensure the center of installation position and the exact distance between two guide rails, them make clear marks.

Install one side guide rail

We install one side guide rail like below photo show. Test and adjust its perpendicularity, until the distance between top and bottom is completely perpendicular. Then fix its bottom by bolts.

Install another side guide rail

According to the position mark, we install another side guide rail. The steps are same with first guide rail. We also need to ensure the distance between top and bottom is completely perpendicular. This is very important to ensure the platform to run smoothly.

warehouse cargo lift 1

Install upper guide rails

As the lifting height for this warehouse cargo lift is 3000mm, total height of guide rails are 5500mm. So we break the guide rail to be two parts for easy installation. Above installation is for lower half of guide rail. Now let us install upper half of guide rail. As we did plug-in design, so the installation is very easy. We just need to connect them together, then do simply welding.

Connect the fixed rectangular tube for one side guide rail

After installing the warehouse cargo lift guide rails, we need to do connecting between guide rail and the wall or mezzanine. This is up to different installation site. We will offer the rectangular tubes together with the lift, which is convenient to be used by customers.

Connect and Fix the beams

After installing the two guide rails well, we should connect the upper two beams between two guide rails. Like below picture show. The beams help to make the lift structure to be more stable. When we connect the beams well, we also need to do simple welding to ensure its stability.

Connect the fixed rectangular tube for another guide rail

Now we need to fix another guide rail with the all by rectangular tube, which is same with first one. We need to do simply welding on all connecting points.

warehouse cargo lift elevator

Connect the electric wires of pump station

Connect the power supply into control box firstly, then connect the the main power cord of pump station with control box.

Connect the hydraulic oil tubes

Connect the hydraulic oil tubes from pump station to two hydraulic cylinders. We will also install the anti-explosion valve between hydraulic cylinder and tubes.

Test the running of warehouse cargo lift

Now we can test the running of two platform brackets, to see if it is smooth to go up and down.

Install warehouse cargo lift platform

This step is very easy. We just need to put the platform on the brackets, then weld the bottom connecting well.

Install platform doors

Our platform doors are detachable, which is convenient to be shipped and can save shipping space for customer. Further more, we installed interlocking devices on two platform doors. Only when two doors are closed well, the lift can run. Once the door is opened in running progress, the lift will stop working immediately.

Fix limited switches

This is the last step. Fixing the limited switches at ground floor and exact lifting height. In addition, there is a safety highest limited switch at second floor.

Then we did loading test on the warehouse cargo elevator. All is smooth and runs very well. The customer also is very satisfied. They plan to install more two units warehouse cargo lift in their new warehouse.

If you also need this warehouse cargo lift elevator, just send us message freely at any time. We will ensure to offer the most suitable design and price to you.

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