3 different models of freight lift elevator


Freight lift elevator is a very popular hydraulic cargo lift platform. It is widely used in warehouse, restaurant, building. No matter indoor and outdoor, it is no problem to be installed and work. This lift platform is fully customized according to different installation site. So customer just need to confirm requirements on lifting height, platform size and load capacity, then we will design the freight lift accordingly.

For the models of freight lift elevator, usually there are 3 types for choice. First is single mast type, second is double mast type, third is freight lift elevator with steel mesh enclosure. They have different advantages, now let us know them.

Single mast small freight elevator

As small freight elevator only has two guide rails, so the biggest advantage is saving installation space. Usually the load capacity for single mast lift is about 500kg. However, if your installation is too limited and you need big load capacity, such as 1500kg, our engineer also can achieve it by special design.

Last month, one small hydraulic freight lift elevator with 1500kg load capacity was installed well in our customer’s warehouse. And its platform size also is bigger than general single mast lift. Usually, its platform size is about 1500*1500mm. However, for this project, is platform size is 1200*2000mm. Now the lift runs very well, customer is very happy for its performance. And they are checking their another warehouse, plan to order another goods lift platform.

freight lift elevator
freight lift elevator

Double mast freight lift elevator

This model has four guide rails to support platform. So no matter for its load capacity or platform size, can be much bigger than single mast model. Its load capacity can reach to 15 tons or more. It can lift forklift with goods together. So this type goods lift is used widely.

One of our europe customers ordered 3 units double mast goods lift one time, which were installed in their new warehouse. And we customized the lift color to match up their steel frame color in warehouse. His team finished the installation easily according to our instruction manual and installation drawing. Now they are also using them very well. This 3 units freight platform lift help them highly improving work efficiency.   

hydraulic freight lift
hydraulic freight lift

Freight lift elevator with steel mesh enclosure

This model aim to improve safety, easier installation, more convenient transporting goods. No matter for single mast lift or double mast lift, they can be enclosed by steel mesh enclosure. If vertical freight lift is installed in an open space, steel mesh enclosure is a very good choice. In addition, we will add safety interlocking device for every enclosure door. Only all doors are enclosure well, the inside lift can go up or down. So if your installation space is available, welcome to add the enclosure outside of your freight lift elevator.

Further more, you can choose different material for the enclosure. Door type also can be customized. And we will make enclosure installation drawing, all pcs will be marked clear labels. So installation is very easy.

freight platform lift
freight platform lift

If you are looking for a freight lift elevator, just send message to us. MOSTAR LIFT will work out the best solution for you!

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