4 units car lift platform for lifting vehicles


Car lift platform is a professional hydraulic lift platform for lifting vehicles. It can move the vehicles from one floor to another. Recently we finished one project installation of 4 units car lift platform. This project is introduced by one of our regular customers.

Customer installed them in the office building site for special usage. Now all lifts are running very well, they are very satisfied with their performance.

The parameters are same for these 4 units car lift platform. Such as below.

  1. Lifting height: 3000mm
  2. Platform size: 2500*5500mm
  3. Load capacity: 3500kg
  4. Pit installation
car lift platform

Main features of car lift platform

  • Heavy duty material

As this product is used for lifting cars, so the posts and platform must be strong, we choose heavy duty material. In addition, other main parts also are heavy duty. For chains, we use heavy duty leaf chains. For steel rope, also is heavy duty.

  • Anti-Falling Device

We designed two anti-falling devices. One is under platform, another are anti-falling blocks, they are in guide rails.

  • Backup limited switch

Apart from floor level limited switches, there is a safety backup unit above top floor level. For example, there are two stops for our this project. First stop is at ground floor, second stop is at 3000mm height. So the safety backup limited switch is at the position of little higher than 3000mm height. Once the limited switch of last stop is ineffective, the backup limited switch will work to ensure the safety.

  • Emergency stop

There are emergency stop buttons on the digital control panels. No matter for which floor, the digital control panel will has the emergency stop button. Further more, if customer would like to install a control panel in car lift platform, also will have the emergency stop.

  • Manual Lowering Valve

There is manual lowering valve at pump station. Once there is a emergency situation, we can make the lift platform to come down by this valve.

  • Large usable platform size

According to the design and structure of product, car lift platform has wider usable platform size than four post cargo lift. This is very convenient for car in or out of the platform.

Apart from above features, the height of guide rails can be customized according to installation site situation and requirement. Usually, the standard height of guide rails is higher 1500mm then elevator lifting height. However, if you want the guide rails is up to the top ceiling of last floor, that is ok. We can do it.

car platform lift

Further more, we have detailed installation video to instruct your team to do the installation step by step, very easy. Once the car lift platform is installed well, it has the feature of low failure rate. So customers just need to do routine maintenance, which saves time and worry.

So friends, if you also want to install the car lift platform for the garage, large parking lot or automobile 4S stores, welcome to contact us with all of your requirements. Lifting height, platform size and load capacity all can be customized.

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