Advantages of scissor lift platform


Scissor lift platform is a kind of hydraulic scissor lift. Many customers will choose scissor lift table to help them do lifting goods work. We have been producing lift platforms for over 20 years. We have professional production equipment, such as shot blasting derusting machine, high temperature powder coating machine, automatic welding equipment, bending machine and so on. We also have  professional teams, design team, production team, QC team, the delivery team, pre-sale and after-sale team.

Now let us introduce some advantages about our scissor lift elevator, which can help you to know our industrial scissor lift very well.

  • 24v DC Safety Control Circuit

The control circuit for all of our hydraulic lift platform is used 24V DC safety system. This kind of control circuit has compact mechanical structure and with small size, which can help to save the space of main control box.

In addition, 24V DC control circuit has the advantage pf good heat exchange performance and fast heat dissipation; easy to maintain and repair; stable operation, low noise, durable; strong applicability, high safety and reliability.

  • 125% Load Capacity Design

No matter for scissor lift platform, cargo lift elevator, mobile scissor lift, handicap vertical platform lifts or yard ramp, we all do 125% load capacity safety design. For example, the load capacity you required is 1000kg, so the rated load capacity for the lift platform is 1000kg. However, its max. Load capacity is 1250kg. This safety design can avoid the damage on lift platform made by a bit overloading.

  • Double Safety Limit Switch

Every industrial hydraulic lift has double safety limit switch. Once the frequently-used unit is damaged, the spare limit switch will come into play. This design can avoid some unnecessary injuries and accidents.

  • Manual Lowering Valve

Every pump station has manual lowering valve. When there is a sudden power cut, we can use this valve to lower the lift platform. The detailed operation is in our instruction manual, which is very easy and convenient.

  • Explosive-Proof Valve

We will add explosive-proof valve between hydraulic oil tube and hydraulic cylinder, which can protect hydraulic pipe and avoid hydraulic pipe rupture. Further more, every lift platform also has spillover valve, control the pressure of hydraulic oil, which makes the pressure stable and protect the system.

  • Interlocking Device

We will add interlocking device on all platform doors. Although our customers install hydraulic scissor lift platform well, however only close all doors well, the lift can run. This device ensure the safety when the lift platform working. No matter for goods lift and personal lift, all will have interlocking device. Although the hydraulic platform lift is with enclosure, the enclosure door also will be with interlocking device. Mostar lift always pay attention to every detail of product, ensure to offer every warehouse platform lift to every customer.

  • Overload Warning

Many customers would like to add this function. When the loading goods exceeds the rated load, the device will make an alarm sound and stationary scissor lift platform will stop working, which can ensure the using safety and protect goods scissor lift platform system.

  • Voltage Protector

Voltage protection is a relay protection method. The relay protection formed by the use of voltage, too low is called low voltage protection, too high is called overvoltage protection. We will install voltage protector in our control box. Although when the voltage in customer’s installation site is not stable, it will not damage the electric system of industrial hydraulic lift platform.

  • Emergency Stop

Both main control box and floor panel are with emergency stops. When there is a emergency situation, we can stop the lift immediately by this button. However, if we want to let fixed scissor lift platform start running, all emergency stop buttons have to be opened.

  • Safety Trip Bar

This is a option safety device. Some customer will do not make guard rails around the pit of loading dock scissor lift, so they afraid the platform will press on workers’ toes when heavy duty platform lift decline. However, if we add this safety device under the platform, once the trip bar touches any items, the lift will stop declining immediately.

Above is some advantages of the design and details of scissor lift platform, it also has some advantages on structure.

  • Scissor structure

As you know, hydraulic scissor lift platform is with scissor structure. So its structure can be opened and closed like a scissor. When vertical scissor lift close completely, it will occupy space.

  • Pit Installation

Usually hydraulic scissor lift elevator needs to be installed in a pit. When the lift is fully closed, its platform will be in same level with ground floor. So if you want to save space, scissor lift elevator is a very good choice.

  • Easy installation

All lift platform will be assembled well in our factory, and all electric wires also will be connected well. When customer receive scissor elevator platform, just need to use bolts to fix its bottom in pit, then connect the main power line, scissor lift can be put into working.

Apart from above advantages, our design team also make different designs according to different usage. It is mainly divided into standard scissor lift platform, scissor dock lift and double deck car lift. So customer can choose the suitable model. Further more, some customers also have special requirements and usage, we will do targeted design accordingly.

In addition, there also have mobile scissor lift platform and electric scissor lift for choice. Mobile scissor lift can be driven like a car, we can operate it to go up and down on ground or platform. We can drive it to forward, backward and turn on driving room.

Electric scissor lift also is named self propelled scissor lift. We can operate the electric platform lift to forward, backward, turn, go up and down on platform directly. This man lift platform is more convenient when do aerial work.

So friends, after knowing the advantages of our scissor lift platform and general classification, no matter which model you are looking for, welcome to contact us freely at any time. Please email to [email protected], or send message to whatsapp number of 0086 18705416611.

MOSTAR LIFT expect to cooperate with you.

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