How to customize a cargo lift elevator?


Cargo lift elevator is a very popular model in hydraulic lift platform. Many customers need a cargo lift to help them improve working efficiency. However, the lift needs to be customized according to customers’ different installation site. Therefore, let’s make it clear how to customize the lift.

If you want to get a specific design and detailed quotation, there are three basic parameters need to be confirmed firstly.

Basic parameters of cargo lift elevator

A. Lifting height: It means the exact height from ground floor to the ground of the floor the platform need to get to.

B. Platform size: Customers need to confirm the platform size according to the size of loaded goods.

C.Load capacity: The important and necessary parameter for cargo elevator.

Please refer to below drawing for better understanding.

cargo lift elevator

So when you would like to ask a detailed quotation for cargo lift elevator, please kindly confirm above three parameters firstly. Then we can make professional drawing and offer exact quotation for you accordingly.

Further more, if you can take and offer the actual photos of installation site, which will be great. Then we can help to check all details and offer more professional suggestions.

Dear friends, welcome to contact us with your requirement.

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