Drive mobile platform lift


Mobile platform lift is widely used in aerial work. There is a special product in mobile lift, that is mobile scissor lift. We can drive this model like a car, there are accelerator, brake, steering wheel. The platform height of this hydraulic platform lift is from 7 meters to 13 meters. We can operate it to up/down on driving room or platform. However, if we want to let the machine to forward, back, turn, we only can operate it on driving room.

mobile platform lift

There are many safety device for the mobile platform lift. Such as gradienter, emergency stop, safety supporting legs, safety warning label, sensitive braking system. Before we raise the platform, we need to opening four safe supporting legs. Then we check the gradienter to see whether the mobile scissor lift platform is in a horizontal state. And there are emergency stops, when we met emergency situation, we can stop the machine immediately.

Further more, there is battery indicator. We can know remaining charge capacity by the indicator and timely charging. And the tyres we used for the mobile scissor platform is solide tyres.

mobile scissor lift

So if you have any needs on this hydraulic lift platform, welcome to contact to ask more details and quotation.

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