Enclosed platform lift for home


Enclosed platform lift is one of vertical platform lift for home models, which has enclosed cabin. It also is called small home lift. For this product, we have standard models for your choice. We also can customize the lift platform according to your installation site size.

Enclosed platform lift can be installed indoor and outdoor, its control panel and other parts are rainproof, so just choose the place you need to install. And it can be installed on ground directly, you can choose fixed ramp or automatic ramp for better using. However, if it is convenient for you to make a pit on ground, the lift can be installed into the pit, then the platform can be in same level with ground and no need ramp again.

For the platform of the home lift, it is enclosed type. Usually its height is 2 meters. There is control panel in the cabin, which is convenient for the user to control the lift. And there is lighting lamp in the cabin, when you press the button to make the lift to run, the lamp will be light automatically. In addition, there are different cabin door for choice. Manual swing door, manual folding door and automatic door. You can choose the suitable type according to your needs.

enclosed platform lift
enclosed platform lift

For the safety measurements, there are double safety limit switch, fall prevention device, manual lowering valve, voltage protector, safety trip bar, anti explosive valve.For double safety limit switch, for example, if the lifting height is 3 meters, we also will make another safety limit switch, which is little higher than 3 meters to be spare. For fall prevention device, once the lifting chain is broken, the device will start to prevent the platform to fall down. Although our lifting chains are with very good quality, they will not break, we still make the important safety measurement. For manual lowering valve, it is a spare emergency button, when user meet some emergency situations, such as sudden power failure, we can use this button to make the platform to be down slowly. Further more, we will add voltage protector in the control box.. So when your local voltage is not stable, the protector will protect the electric system. For all of our enclosed platform lift, there are safety trip bar at platform bottom. This is a very import safety measure. When the platform touches any items when down, the lift will stop immediately. This safety measure can avoid any unnecessary harm.

In addition, there are two different material for customer choice for the enclosed platform lift, aluminum alloy and stainless steel. The price is very similar for this two kind of materials, so you can choose you prefer.

If you are looking for one enclosed platform lift, welcome to contact us freely. MOSTAR lift will offer you the satisfied solution according to every customer’s situation.

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