Four post car lift platform for sale


Four post car lift platform is a very popular product for lifting cars between different floors. This also is a hydraulic system lift platform, which has digital controllers for each floor. Main structure of car lift platform are four columns and platform, main parts are hydraulic cylinder, lifting chains, lifting steel wire rope, hydraulic pump station, limited switches. Further more, safety anti-drop device is standard configuration for every four post car lift.

four-post car lift

Now let us see the main features for main parts.

For columns, its height is up to the lifting height of four post car lift, usually total column height will be higher 1.5 meters than lifting height. However, if you want total column height is higher more, it is ok, we will make it according to your specific requirement. As some customers would like to make the column to reach to top ceiling.

For platform size, if car platform lift will be installed in a shaft or will go through a mezzanine hole, we need to design the suitable platform size according to shaft size or hole size. However, if the four post car lift platform is installed outside or open space, the platform size will be not limited.

Usually, the model with 3 meters lifting height, 2.5×5.5 meters platform size, 3000kg load capacity is very hot sale. However, we can customize all parameters for you, so customers just need to do exact measurements for the installation site. Then we will do the most suitable design accordingly.

Each four post car lift has one hydraulic cylinder. Hydraulic cylinder is in one of lifting columns, which will make the platform to go up and down. Further more, each four post car lift platform will have anti-explosion valve between hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic oil tube. Once the oil tube bursts or leaks, the anti-explosion valve will lock completely. Therefore, our lift platform will not suddenly drop. Although usually the oil tube will not bursts or leaks under normal using, we still make it a standard for every machine to have explosion-proof valve.

Lifting chains and steel wire rope also are in lifting columns, which are necessary and very important to make lift platform to go up and down. They are also the important safety part.

Hydraulic pump station is the power unit for whole four post car lift platform. It has manually operated down valve. Once there is a emergency power shutoff, we can make the lift platform to be down by this valve. And its voltage can be fully customized according to your local voltage. By the way, usually 3 phase voltage is the first and the best choice for car platform lift.

Each four post car lift will have max. safety limited switch, which will be higher than last stop height. It can be ensure the safety once the limited switch of last stop is damaged or not worked. So max. Safety limited switch is necessary.

Further more, as mentioned at the beginning, every car lift platform has safety anti-drop device. It is installed under platform. For example, this lift goes to second floor from ground floor. When the platform gets to second floor, anti-drop device will work to stuck second floor. When we press the down button, platform will go to higher a little firstly, the anti-drop device will be pulled up, then platform starts to go down.

Apart from above standard parts, there are many parts can be customized. Such as cabin, cabin door and landing door. If you do not like opening platform, we can make closed cabin with the lift. The cabin can be painted steel material, also can be stainless steel. For the cabin door, you can choose electric roller shutter door, also can be automatic elevator panels door. Same with landing door, it can be electric roller shutter door, also can be automatic elevator panels door.

After every four post car lift is produced well, our installation workers will install lifting chains, lifting steel ropes, all limited switches and other electric parts well in our factory. Then department of quality assurance will check and test all parts. When all parts are no problem, our shipping department will start to do package. All parts and necessary installation accessories will be packed well. And we will send installation video to our customer. There are very detailed installation steps in the video, just need to install the car lift platform step by step according to the video, very easy.

Apart from four post car lift, we have another two popular hydraulic lift platforms to lift cars professionally. One is eight guide rails hydraulic platform lift, another is double deck car lift platform.

For eight guide rails lift platform, usually it can be loaded bigger cars or forklift. It is mainly for transporting cargoes with forklift or truck. So usually it platform size and load capacity also are bigger than four post car lift platform. However, its price also will be higher than car lift platform based on same lift parameters. As its structure is more complicated.

guide rails cargo lift platform

For double deck car lift platform or called double deck scissor car lift, although it also can lift cars, its main usage is to park cars. And it is usually installed in customers’ own home. For example, customers want to park their cars into basement, now our double deck scissor car lift is a good helper. It can go rise firstly, then we drive car into the main scissor platform, then the lift go down to the basement. Now its upper platform is in a same level with ground floor, which can park another car or to be normal ground. Usually its load capacity is from 3tons to 5 tons, 3 tons is the most popular. In addition, the main difference with four post car lift and eight guide rails cargo lift platform, double deck car lift has to be installed into a pit. As its self height is higher, so car can go into/out the scissor lift platform conveniently.

double deck car lift

So no matter you have any need on lifting car or parking car, just send your needs or requirements to us. MOSTAR LIFT team will offer your the best solution. Welcome all our friends!

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