Freight Lift With A Cage


Freight lift is a popular hydraulic lift platform for lifting cargoes. However, we customized a special industrial freight elevator with a cage recently. It is without any hydraulic parts and power units. Its load capacity is 500kg, lifting height is 5370mm. The cargo elevator lift is installed into a steel instructure. As customer will lift the platform by his crane, so the platform is designed to be a closed cage, which also ensure the safety in running. The cage also has very strong lifting support.

freight lift elevator

In addition, there is a foldable ramp with the platform. When the cage gets to second mezzanine, we can put down the ramp, which is convenient for loading and unloading. Further more, our engineer designed special fall prevention measures for this freight lift. Before shipment, we did preinstallation and testing. Every detail is perfect.

This week, customer has received the lift and installed it well. The lift dimension is designed according to installation site size, which is very suitable. Customer is very satisfied with its performance.

freight lift

If you need any cargo elevator lift, welcome to contact us at any time.

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