How convenient to use a trailer mounted boom lift to do aerial work


Trailer mounted boom lift is a very popular hydraulic aerial work platform lift, there are different platform height for choice from 10 meters to 22 meters. Now let’s take a look at the features of trailer man lift platform.

360 Degree Rotation

The trailer mounter boom lift can rotate 360 degress, which is very convenient for us to do works in aerial. We just need to operate and control it in the working cage, no need to do any moving about the machine.

trailer mounted boom lift

Auto-Leveling Outriggers

This is a very important safe feature, when we open four outriggers by electric buttons, they will do auto-leveling, which make sure the machine is in a level position before lifting. Because in some workplaces, it is not possible to ensure that the ground is completely level. Further more, this safe fature also ensure user’s safety when do works at the cage.

trailer man lift

Water Proof Controls

Usually many customers use the trailer mounted man lift outdoor, so water proof is the necessary for control box and all of other electric parts.

Brake Light

There are two brake lights at the back of wheels, when our trailer brakes, the brake light will be on. That can give a warning to the vehicles behind of our trailer mounted boom lift.

man lift platform

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