How to calculate freight elevator cost


Freight elevator cost mainly includes cargo lift structure cost, hydraulic parts cost, pump station cost and manufacturing cost. Freight elevator also is called hydraulic cargo freight lift. It is widely used in warehouse, building, restaurant. It can be installed indoor and outdoor. This lift platform is fully customized according to different installation site. 

Now let us introduce how to customize freight elevator and get its quotation. Usually if you want to get a quotation for the freight lift elevator, we need to know 3 basic parameters. Lifting height, platform size and load capacity. Once we know these requirements, our engineer will design freight elevator and we can calculate exact freight elevator cost accordingly.

In addition, we will make 3D drawing or CAD drawing for every project, which will be sent to customers together with quotation sheet. If customer would like to make a pit instead of using loading ramp, we also will make pit drawing. Customer can make the pit according to our drawing. If customer want to install the lift on ground floor directly, we will make the ramp for customer freely, which is for easy loading and unloading from freight elevator platform.

freight elevator lift
freight elevator cost

Further more, there are many safety device for optional. Such as steel mesh enclosure, interlocking device, overload warning, protective box for pump station. And these optional device needs extra cost. Customer can choose them according to their needs. So usually total freight elevator cost includes freight elevator cost and optional device or function cost. Especially for the steel mesh enclsoure cost, if you would like to add it outside of hydraulic freight elevator lift, it also is an important component of freight elevator cost.

When every freight elevator lift is finished well, we will take actual photos and videos to our customer for checking. When customer check and confirm no problem, we will do package and shipment. We will make detailed installation instruction manual for every project. So when customer receive our freight elevator, just need to installed the cargo lift platform according to our manual, which is very easy and convenient. Mostar good service also value much, however it won’t be calculated into the freight elevator cost.

So MOSTAR LIFT give you more than you pay. MOSTAR lift will offer you the best, suitable and economical lifting solution, welcome to contact us.

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