How to install mezzanine floor lift


Mezzanine floor lift usually is the hydraulic cargo lifts with enclosure, which is used for lifting goods between different floors. So how to install this kind of cargo lift, easy or difficult? Now let us make a general introduction on this question.

Main installation steps as below

  • Install mezzanine floor lift platform

This is the first step to put the lift platform at the center of installation space, then connect the guide rails with the platform back. We will mark very clear labels on all connection points, so it is very easy to do installation.

If the guide rails are very long, they will be made to be two parts for convenient transport and installation. If so, we need to connect longer guide rails firstly, which are with hydraulic cylinder. Then shorter guide rails are connected on upper.

After installing all guide rails, we need to use a apeak test device to make sure the lift must be vertical. This is very important.

mezzanine elevator lift
mezzanine floor lift
  • Install limited switches and other electric parts.

Before shipment, we will connect all electric parts well. Customers just need to fix them on corresponding locations at installation site. All parts also will be marked clear labels. So the installation of electric parts also is very easy. For example, “1F” limited switch should be fixed on ground floor. “2F” limited switch should be fixed on second floor. “3F” limited switch should be fixed on third floor. We also will make a “FF” limited switch, which is the highest safety limited switch. Should be fixed on the point of little higher than the last stop height.

After installing the basic electric parts, then connect main power supply cord in to the control box.

  • Lift running testing

After finishing the installation of mezzanine floor lift, we need to do running test firstly. Testing the cargo lift by emergency control button in control box. If there is anything need to be adjusted, we have to adjust them well. If no problem, we can fix guide rails. Then we can install the outside enclosure steel frame and enclosure.

  • Install enclosure steel frame and enclosure

Our engineer will made two installation drawings for customer, one is for steel fame, one is for enclosure. All frames and enclosure also will be marked clear labels, so customer need to assemble them according to our drawings. Although customer’s team is no any experience on this, they can finish the installation work very well.

Last step is to install the enclosure door. Every door is with safety interlocking devices.

  • Testing

Do no-load test and loading test. If there is no any problems, mezzanine floor lift can be put into normal running.

For all installation, we will offer one installation instruction manual of mezzanine floor lift, one enclosure installation instruction, one enclosure steel frame drawing and one enclosure drawing. The lift instruction manual is made with actual lift photos, so all customers can finish their lift installation easily.

So if you have any interest on our mezzanine floor goods lift, just send message to us freely.

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