How to choose a suitable hydraulic lift platform?


Hydraulic lift platform is very economic and popular product. There are many different models for choice, so if you are not familiar with this product, it is little difficult to choose a most suitable model by yourself.

hydraulic lift platform

Below information will help you choose a suitable hydraulic lift platform.

A. Confirm what kind of items you need to lift.

a. Hydraulic lift platform can be classified into two categories, goods lift and man lift.

B. How to differentiate and choose man lift?

There are total two kinds of man lift, vertical platform lift and mobile scissor lift.

b.1. If the person needs to go upper floors directly, we should choose vertical platform lift.

b.2. If we want to do some simply installation or maintenance, we should choose mobile scissor lift.

C. How to differentiate and choose goods lift?

There are total three kinds of goods lift, vertical goods lift, scissor lift table.

c.1. If you do not want to dig a pit and have installation space, vertical goods lift is the good choice.

c.2. If you want to install the lift into ground pit, when no use, it can be a level with ground, scissor lift table can meet these requirements.

D. The bridge between ground and truck container

d. If we want to load and unloading cargos between ground and truck, we need a bridge to help us to finish this work, so now loading dock ramp is the first choice.

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