Low profile loading dock scissor lift for sale


Loading dock scissor lift is a kind of low profile scissor lift table. Low self height is its the biggest feature. Some customers would like not to dig a pit in the ground, then loading dock scissor lift is the best choice. One of our Singapore customers ordered 3 units dock platform lifts. They installed them in front of the warehouse, which are used for loading and unloading goods between truck and loading bay of the warehouse.

Usually the lifting height for loading dock scissor lift is about 1500mm. As its self height is only about 150mm, so if lifting height is too high, self height of loading scissor lift also will be higher. However, the load capacity usually can be customized from 1000kg to 4000kg. Below are the main parameters for this Singapore project.

  1. Lifting height: 1500mm
  2. Platform size: 1500*2500mm
  3. Load capacity: 4000kg
loading dock scissor lift
loading dock scissor lift

Apart from low profile, loading dock scissor lift has below features.

  1. Every scissor lift platform will has control box and hand controller on platform. So users can control the lift directly on platform, which is very convenient.
  2. Safety trip bar is necessary safety device. It is under the platform. If the bar touches any items when platform goes down, scissor lift will stop immediately.
  3. If there are platform doors, safety interlocking device is the necessary to ensure the safety. If customers do not want to add the door, we will add safety chains at enter and exit.
  4. Usually there are two loading lips at platform sides of loading dock scissor lift. They can connected with the truck and loading bay of warehouse, which are very convenient when do loading and unloading goods.
  5. Overload warning also is a very import safety device. Once the platform is overloaded, the machine will stop immediately to protect the whole machine system.
loading dock scissor lift

Further more, we will connect all electric parts well in our factory before shipment. So when customers receive the scissor lift platform, just need to fix the lift base on ground by bolts. Then connect power supply into machine control box. The lift can run. We also will offer detailed installation instruction manual according to each platform, so the installation will be very easy.

Apart from our this Singapore project, we have many other projects of loading dock scissor lift, or standard scissor platform lift and double deck car lift in different countries. Such as the Philippines, America, Germany, Netherlands, HongKong, Bangladesh and so on.

If you are also looking for this one loading dock scissor lift with free-pit installation, welcome to contact us freely. MOSTAR LIFT will offer you the best solution with the best price.

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