Man lift platform for aerial work


Man lift platform is a kind of aerial lift platform, it is also named trailer boom lift. It is a very popular model to do aerial work. We can operate the lift in the working cage to up/down/turning. Recently, one of our Mauritius customers received his boom lift, he is very happy for the machine’s performance. Below is the main parameters of this model.

Model: MBL-12

Max. platform height: 12 meters

Working cage: 900*700mm

Load capacity: 200kg

Working radius: 7m

Power type: Diesel oil power

man lift platform
man lift platform

Further more, there are many safety devices for the boom lift.

  1. Auto-Leveling Outriggers: When we press the button to open the four outriggers, they will be auto-leveling.
  2. Horizontal Leveling Detector: Although our outriggers are auto-leveling, there also has horizontal leveling detector. This is double insurance for user’s safety before they go into the working cage.
  3. Brake Light:There are brake lights behind the wheels.
  4. Telescopic Upper Beam: This is an optional device, our this customer chose it. This funtion can help you do aerial work more conveniently.
  5. 360 Degree Rotation
  6. Emergency Stop: When we met a emergency situation, we can press the emergency stop button, which can stop the lift immediately.

trailer boom lift

There are many different models of man lift platform for choice, welcome to contact us freely with your interest or requirements.

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