11m mobile hydraulic lift platform for aerial work


Mobile hydraulic lift platform is a very popular hydraulic lift platform for doing aerial work. There are different standard models for choice, they are with different platform height, load capacity. One of our Dubai customers ordered one 11 meters lift. As they need to set up the exhibition site, so one mobile hydraulic lift platform is the best solution to do the aerial installation work.

Here are some main parameters of this mobile scissor platform lift.

  1. Max. Platform height: 11 meters
  2. Max. Working height: 13 meters
  3. Platform size: 2150×1140 mm
  4. Load capacity: 500kg
  5. Battery power

It is worth mentioning that our this mobile hydraulic lift platform can be driven like a car. You can see there is a driving room. There are steering wheel, braking and control panels. This lift gave a lot of convenience to our customer’s team in aerial work. They are very happy with the lift’s performance, below is their comments.

“Scissor lift platform is so nice, it works great thanks. We will definitely be in touch if there are any future requirements. Also please do not hesitate to contact us if you require a reference for your work here. I hope one day i can sell some for you.”

mobile platform lift 1
mobile hydraulic lift platform

mobile hydraulic lift platform is very easy and convenient to control. There are safety key, emergency stop button, drive or up/down button, forwarder/stop/backward button on control panel. They are easy understanding. In addition, there is another hand controller on platform. User can control up and down by it directly on platform.

Four safety supporting legs are standard configuration for every scissor lift platform. Before we get into the platform, we have to open the four legs firstly and adjust the machine to be horizontal. Every lift platform has a gradienter on their machine body for our better judging. And there are emergency stop buttons, if we met emergency situations, we can press the emergency button to stop the lift immediately. Further more, we have to open all emergency buttons before we control the lift to move to up/down. Otherwise the lift will not run.

We use solid tyres for our mobile hydraulic lift platform, which can greatly reduce the frequency of tire maintenance. Customers can use the lift conveniently. In addition, there is manual lowering valve, when we met some emergency situation, we can make the platform down by this button.

And standard power for our mobile scissor lift is battery power. No matter the lift is used indoor or outdoor, no need to worry about there is no electric. All parts and electric wires will be assembled well in our factory. And our quality department will test every lift platform well before shipment. So customer can use the lift directly when they receive it, so convenient.

So if you are looking for a mobile hydraulic lift platform, welcome to contact us freely at any time. MOSTAR LIFT will give you the best lifting solution and service. Let us work together, grow up together.

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