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MOSTAR LIFT is the professional scissor lift manufacturer. We have the manufacturing experience more than 20 years and the technology is also very mature. The main types of our scissor lift platform are stationary hydraulic scissor lift platform, mobile scissor lift and electric scissor lift. Further more, there are more different models under each type of scissor lift.

Usually there are 3 different models for stationary hydraulic scissor lift, scissor lift platform, scissor dock lift and double deck car lift.

If you can dig a pit to install the scissor lift to lifting goods from ground floor to upper floors, scissor lift platform is the best choice. We can customize all parameters according to your requirements and installation site. Lifting height can be from 1 meters to about 4 meters. Load capacity can be from 500kg to 10 tons or more. There is no any limitation on platform size, it can be decided by the goods size you need to lift.

If you do not want to dig a pit on ground floor, scissor dock lift is the best choice. MOSTAR lift as a professional scissor lift manufacturer, we have very mature technology to make low profile scissor lift platform, which also is called scissor dock lift. As for this model, its self height need to be very low, so its total height usually only can be about 1500mm to 1800mm. However, the customizable range of load capacity can be 500kg to 8000kg. For platform size, customer can customize it according to the size of loading goods.

scissor lift manufacturer

Another very popular model in stationary hydraulic scissor lift is double deck car lift. It is the professional model for lifting cars. Usually customer will install it in their home basement. Then the double deck car lift can transport one car into basement. Upper platform will be in a same level with ground floor, it can be parked another car or as a normal floor to use. Double deck car lift can help users to save much space, so it is very popular.

As professional scissor lift manufacturer, professional production equipment is indispensable, such as laser cutting machine, shot blasting machine,  powder coating machine, automatic welding machine and so on. These automatic machines can make and ensure the good accuracy of products. And the good service life of hydraulic scissor lift also can be guaranteed.

Our scissor lift platform, scissor dock lift and double deck car lift have been exported to more than 120 countries, such as Germany, France, Britain, Guatemala, Ireland, Kuwait, Malta, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Sweden, United States and so on.

Below are some customers’ feedback after installing our products, you can have a reference.

“Thank you so much. it was worth the wait…now i can say the material quality is very good. We enjoy to work with this scissor lift platform. Your company really is so professional as scissor lift manufacturer.” This feedback is from Germany.

“Your double deck car lift appears to be of very good quality. It works great thanks. We will definitely be in touch if there are any future requirements.” This is from one of our America customers.

If you are also looking for one of scissor lift platforms, welcome to send us message freely. MOSTAR LIFT as the professional scissor lift manufacturer will offer you the best solution.

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