Different usage for scissor lift elevator


Scissor lift elevator is another customized model in hydraulic lift platform, apart from goods lift elevator. Today, let’s learn the different usage of scissor lift platfform. Most of customers will use scissor lift to lifting cargoes. However, also many customers will install a scissor lift for parking and lifting cars. Below two models will give you detailed instruction.

Main two usages of scissor lift elevator

A. Scissor lift table

This model is standard design for scissor lift. We will customize it for customers, so customers need to tell us the requirements on lifting height, platform size and load capacity. In addition, most of cstomers will install the lift into a pit, which is very easy and convenient to loading & unloading the goods.

However, there are some customers would like to put the lift platform on ground directly. So scissor dock lift is a model with low profile, which is also very popular. Further more, we will make two loading lips at two sides of platform, which is very convenient for loading and unloading goods.

scissor lift elevator

B. Double deck scissor car lift platform

There are two platforms for scissor car lift. Although the lift is closed, the upper platform can be levelled with ground floor. Usually the distance between two platforms is same with lifting height, if you have special requirements, just let us know.

car lift platform

So if you are in need of one scissor lift elevator, just contact us freely at any time.

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