Why do you prefer small goods elevator?


Small goods elevator is a special model in hydraulic goods lift, its unique advantages are saving space and easy installation, which is very popular for plant, store and warehouse transporting.

small goods elevator

Are there any reasons why you like this kind of small goods elevator?

  1. It is easy for shipping, usually just needs to ba shipped by LCL or one 20ft container.
  2. All parts include guide rail and platform will be connected well before shipment.
  3. Installation is very easy, just need to fix its base plate on ground and its guide rails to wall. We will offer detailed installation instruction manual for each lift.
  4. It requires smaller installation space than double guide rails.

However, load capacity and platform size are very limited for hydraulic small goods elevator, it is only suitable to lift small and light cargoes. Apart from single guide rail industrial goods lift, there are other models for choice. Such as cargo lift with double guide rails, mezzanine goods lift with steel mesh enclosure.

Welcome to contact us with your requirements. We will help you to choose the most suitable model, Mostar lift give you the safest and the most economical lifting solution.

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