Small hydraulic scissor lift in Netherlands


Hydraulic scissor lift is another completely customized hydraulic lift platform, apart from cargo lift platform, which is professional for lifting cargoes or cars. Its lifting height, platform size and load capacity will be designed according to different customers’ using requirement and installation site. Its easy installation and operation are popular for users.

Recently, one of our Netherlands customers customized a small hydraulic scissor lift platform for his basement. The pallet lift platform was installed in his basement, which is used for lifting goods from basement to first floor. However, the available installation space is very limited. So we customized a very suitable scissor lift platform according to the installation site size.

hydraulic scissor lift
hydraulic scissor lift

Below are some main features of this hydraulic scissor lift.

  • Main parameters

Lifting height: 2740mm

Platform size: 1040*780mm

Load capacity: 300kg

Pit installation

  • Removable guardrails

We designed its guardrails to be removable, which can greatly reduce the size of the package. Then it can save much shipping cost for our customer. Further more, when customer transport it to the installation site and do installation, it is more convenient.

guard rails
  • Auxiliary guide rail

As the small hydraulic scissor cargo platform will go through a shaft hole to first floor, so we designed and added two guide rails with the lift platform. This can ensure the lift platform go through the hole exactly.

In addition, as the site of installation site is very limited, so we added two guide rails without reducing the usable size of the scissor platform. Like below picture show.

scissor lift platform 1
scissor lift platform
  • Platform control buttons

We added one control buttons inside of guard rails. Usually it is not allowed to lift people, but just in case, customer needs to go upper floor with goods in a while, so we add it, which is more convenient to control the hydraulic scissor lift platform.

control panel
  • External pump station

As the stationary hydraulic scissor lift is very small, so the pump station is outside of scissor lift platform. It is convenient to do daily maintenance and add hydraulic oil.

In addition, we made a protective box outside of the pump station, there are control buttons on the box, which is convenient to control the lift platform. We also lengthened the hydraulic oil tube, then customer can put it at suitable place.

  • Safety trip bar

It is under platform, there are safety limited switches with the bar. When the bar touches any items when hydraulic scissor platform declines, scissor lift will stop immediately, which will avoid unnecessary harm.

  • Two digital control panels

This small hydraulic scissor lift total has two stops, so apart from the control buttons on protective box of pump station, we also made two digital control panels. One is for basement floor, another is for first floor. Wherever the customer wants to control the machine, it is no problem, so convenient.


According to our pit drawing, customer made the pit well in advance for hydraulic scissor lift. After customer received the lift, they followed up our installation instruction manual and finished the installation easily.

They gave us very good feedback, we are very happy. We put customer feedback

“Thank you for being so helpful in providing prompt responses to all my inquiries. Your products look good and your customer service has been excellent! We will definitely be in touch if there are any future requirements on your warehouse hydraulic scissor lift platform. Thank you for your time.”

Another two models of hydraulic scissor lift

Apart from this kind of hydraulic scissor lift, there are scissor dock lift and double deck car lift.

Scissor dock lift is a kind of scissor lift platform, it has the unique feature of low self-height. So it can be fixed on the ground directly instead of being installed into a pit. Loading dock scissor lift has two platform lips for better loading & unloading, safety trip bar under platform is for avoiding unnecessary harm when lift is closing. Further more, guard rails for scissor dock lift will be made detachable type, user can install and take it off by one person.

Hydraulic loading dock scissor lift platforms is usually with 150mm or 200mm self height, a free pit installation model of scissor lift platform. It can be installed on ground floor for better loading and unloading directly, used indoors and outdoors. Easy installation can save labor cost and using cost, a good assistant in warehouse and logistics line.

scissor dock lift

Double deck car lift is a professional model for lifting cars, its main feature is that there are two platforms for one lift. When scissor car lift platform closed, upper platform will be in a level with ground floor, which ensure safety or we can park another car here. There are two speed bumps above platform, help to slow down car speed to ensure the safety when car come in & out platform. Further more, we can control the double deck car lift by remote controller, one person can operate the lift platform easily.

The car lift platform is a new and popular model for storing and parking cars. Usually many customers will install it in their house courtyard, it helps to save space and park more cars. Installation and operation are very easy, user can follow up our instructions to finish them easily.

Double Deck Car Lift

MOSTAR LIFT keeps pursuing to make good products and offer good service to all customers. We have exported to more than 160 countries. Customers speak highly of us, they also will introduce us to their friends or demanders.

So no matter you need which kind of hydraulic scissor lift, just contact us freely. MOSTAR team will offer the best and most suitable solution according to your usage. We very welcome more and more customers and agents join us to do good cooperation.

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