MOSTAR standard configurations of hydraulic scissor platform


Hydraulic scissor platform is also called industrial scissor lift or scissor lift elevator. Although it is a kind of customized hydraulic lift platform, we have some standard configurations for every scissor lift platform. Now let’s know these configurations one by one.

  • Removable guardrails

We designed its guardrails to be removable, which can greatly reduce the size of the package. Then it can save much shipping cost for our customer. Further more, when customer transport it to the installation site and do installation, it is more convenient.

  • Platform control buttons

We added one control buttons inside of guard rails. Usually hydraulic scissor platform is not allowed to lift people, but just in case, customer needs to go upper floor with goods in a while, so we add it, which is more convenient to control the hydraulic scissor lift platform.

  • Safety trip bar

It is under platform, there are safety limited switches with the bar. When the bar touches any items when hydraulic scissor platform declines, scissor lift will stop immediately, which will avoid unnecessary harm.

4.Emergency Stop

Both main control box and floor panel are with emergency stops. When there is a emergency situation, we can stop the lift immediately by this button. However, if we want to let fixed scissor lift platform start running, all emergency stop buttons have to be opened.

scissor dock lift

5. Interlocking devices for platform door.

Usually it is 180 degree enter & exit direction on hydraulic scissor platform, so there are two platform doors. We will install interlocking device for each door, so only when two doors are closed well, scissor lift platform will go up or down. This safety device can ensure the safety in running.

6. Double Safety Limit Switch

Every industrial hydraulic lift has double safety limit switch. Once the frequently-used unit is damaged, the spare limit switch will come into play. This design can avoid some unnecessary injuries and accidents.

7. Two control panels

This small hydraulic scissor lift total has two stops, so apart from the control buttons on protective box of pump station, we also made two digital control panels. One is for basement floor, another is for first floor. Wherever the customer wants to control the machine, it is no problem, so convenient.

If you have any special requirements on hydraulic scissor platform, just tell us, MOSTAR lift will do design and customize for you. welcome to contact us freely at any time. MOSTAR LIFT expect to cooperate with you.

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