Stationary and mobile hydraulic scissor lift platform


Hydraulic scissor lift platform is a very popular product, no matter for lifting cargoes, cars or people. Scissor design is main structure of this product. However, scissor lift platform can be divided into two completely different models. One is stationary hydraulic scissor lift, another is mobile hydraulic scissor lift. Both models have different design and usage.

Stationary hydraulic scissor lift is professional for lifting cargoes and cars. It is a customized model. We will design the scissor lift platform according to customers’ different requirements on lifting height, platform size and load capacity.

Further more, stationary scissor lift platform also can be divided into different models according to different usage. Such as warehouse platform lift, loading dock scissor lift, double deck car lift platform. So customers can choose the most suitable model according to specific needs.

For the installation of stationary scissor lift platform, most of them need to be installed into a pit apart from loading dock scissor lift. As the self height of loading dock scissor lift usually is 150mm to 200mm, so it is no need to be put into a pit, it can be fixed on ground directly. So scissor dock lift also is called low profile scissor lift.

For the power of standard hydraulic scissor lift platform, usually it is AC power.

dock scissor lift platforms

Mobile hydraulic scissor lift is another model of hydraulic scissor lift platform, which is professional for lifting people to do aerial work. There are many standard models for choice, you can choose the suitable model according to your requirements on platform height and load capacity.

Mobile scissor lift no need any installation, we will connect all parts and electric lines well before shipment. When customer receive the lift platform, machine can be put into working directly. Before lifting scissor working platform, we need to open and fix four supporting legs. More importantly, we have to check gradienter before user goes into the mobile scissor platform lift, which for ensuring machine to work at a level condition and keep worker’s safety.

There are AC power, battery power and diesel oil power for choice. AC power and battery power are the most commonly used.

In mobile hydraulic scissor lift platform, there is a special model, it can be driven like a car, one person can finish moving and high work easily. Its standard power is battery power, so it can work indoor or outdoor conveniently. 

portable scissor lift platform

No matter which kind of hydraulic scissor lift platform you are looking for or interested, just contact us freely. MOSTAR LIFT keeps pursuing to make good products and offer good service to all customers. We are looking forwarder to cooperate with you.

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