Three models shipping container ramp


Shipping container ramp is a very good helper when do loading and unloading between container and ground. Many customers will import and export goods by containers. However, there is a height difference from the container floor to ground floor. So our shipping container ramp is the best solution. Usually there are three models for choice. Let’s take a look.

Integreted container loading ramp

This model is the economical type. Many customers like it. Its standard platform size is 2100*1500mm, which can suit container very well. There are two safe connecting chains. When we need to us the ramp, we can connect it with the container by the chains, which can avoid the ramp moving when forklift run on the ramp. And if you need, we can make two forklift holes on the platform, which can hidden in the platform.

shipping container ramp

Foldable container loading ramp

This model can be folded when do not use, which can save space. Its standard platform size also is 2100*1500mm.

container loading ramp

Forklift container ramp

This is a very special and popular model. We will do four slideway on the ramp platform. So customer just need to put the container there, no need to take it away when the container comes. This model makes the using to be more convenient.

forklift container ramp

No matter which models of shipping container ramp, its load capacity is from 8 tons to 15 tons for choice. If you have any need on shipping container ramp, just contact us freely.

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