Sharing feedback on vertical wheelchair lift


Vertical wheelchair lift is a kind of vertical platform lift for elder and handicapped. As it is not convenient for elder and handicapped people to go upstairs. So our vertical platform lift is the professional machine, which can help them go to upper floor directly. Usually customer will isntall the machine for home or office use. It can be installed indoor or outdoor. Today we would like to share a project and feedback from oen of our America customers.

Our customer finished the installation referred to our installation manual, which is very easy. Therefore, he and his families are very happy with its running performance. Below is the photo taken by this customer and feedback to us.

vertical wheelchair lift

Customer feedback for vertical wheelchair lift

“Everything is going perfect. I have got so many good compliments on it. Thank you so very much for your undying support all the way through. I hope one day i can sell some for you. Mostar lift company has though of everything. It’s very secure now and braced to my house. Thank you again.”

Hope above information give you a good reference if you also need to purchase this kind of home elevator.

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